In a competitive world where superior supply-chain is more prominent, response time assumes a great deal of significance. If your current shipping software cannot be optimized to the required speed of execution, or if it is not capable of providing feasibility to operate across multiple carriers, then you are on the verge of losing potential shipping market.

Javelin is a leading ERP provider for small, mid-sized and corporate Shipping & Logistics industries. Javelin ERP encapsulates all aspects of shipping including inquiry, quotation, booking and job costing etc., Besides, our multi-carrier shipping ERP encompasses all modes including UPS, FedEx, DHL, US Postal, LTL, TL, Freight Forwarders, private fleet and more. With our robust shipping ERP, you can manage your shipping company along with the distributed warehouses and perform shipping operations effortlessly.

Regardless of the platform you are operating on, Javelin shipping ERP streamlines your shipping business processes to a greater degree of ease and enables you to operate with minimal effort.

While drastically reducing the operational costs, Javelin’s shipping ERP helps shipping industries handle outbound logistics, resource-allocation, order-processing and warehouse management more efficiently than ever before.

A number of organizations across the globe including Logistics companies, Freight Forwarders, Custom Brokers, Couriers, Transporters, Trucking Companies, NVOCC Operators, Container Terminals, Cargo Airlines, Shipping Lines, Liner Agents, Shipping Agents and Ship Owners have reaped enormous benefits maximizing the use of our robust solutions.

Javelin shipping ERP helps shipping companies handle a number of key functions including:


Javelin shipping ERP will:

  • meet or exceed your unique shipping & logistics management requirements
  • integrate all the processes providing seamless communication and collaboration across all the departments
  • streamline all shipping processes including warehouse management, shipping management, shipping order- processing thereby improving speed of execution
  • operate with great agility
  • step up Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  • operate on multiple platforms including Windows, Unix, and Linux
  • improve overall performance with our world-class processes
  • drive down operational costs and save time
  • boost sales and productivity with affordable TCO

Javelin ERP for Shipping delivers a number of functionalities including:

Freight Forwarding (Javelin- FF)

Javelin-FF is designed essentially to handle freight forwarding functionality across all channels including air, sea and land modes of transportations. It is highly scalable and can be configured to suite your unique requirements. It effectively manages a number tasks including consolidation, custom-clearance, imports & exports, NVOCC, pacing & shifting, warehousing, intermediate vessel etc.,

Javelin-FF handles a number of functionalities including:

Air Freight

Javelin-FF handles a number of complex tasks in this mode of transportation including:

  • Provides intuitive interface for this task
  • Handles imports & exports, shipments, back-to-backs, consoles and co-loads etc.,
  • Facilitates to rate and cut airway bills at Master as well as House level
  • Takes various dimensions as inputs and calculates weight and chargeable weight
  • Handles credit control checking at important stages
  • Translates inquiries into consignment
  • Improves accuracy, efficacy and productivity
  • Allows the users to enter IATA published rates for each airline/route/classification
  • Performs automatic pricing
  • Automatically transfers data from CRM database into inquiry, quotation and booking records
  • Records memo and follow-up tasks in the job file
  • Provides comprehensive consignment progress enquiry facility
  • Provides powerful search capabilities through the filters including AWB No., shipper consignee, origin, destination and airline etc.
  • Enables easy retrieval
  • Generates a number of valuable documents including master airway-bills, house airway-bills, labels. bar-code labels, arrival advice, routing advice and pre-alerts etc.
  • Delivers the printed documents via e-mail or fax
  • Provides EDI facility for submitting airway bills and to make electronic transactions with shippers

Ocean Freight

  • Provides rich user interface for this task
  • Manages imports & exports, single or multi-container FCL’s or LCL consolidations, dry boxes, and bulk cargo etc.,
  • Handles carrier block booking and B/L consolidation
  • Tracks document submissions
  • Performs calculations on taxes and fees

Land Transportation

  • Provides rich user interface for this task
  • Handles all types of land transportations: line hauls, port-port trucking, inter depot trucking, local delivery, cross border, international transport etc.
  • Manages all job types including full loads, group age, co-load consolidations
  • Maintains rate databases for FTL & LTL, quotations, consignment, documentation, fleet management, invoicing and POD etc.
  • Provides visibility to transportation job
  • Improves efficiency and productivity


  • Provides rich user-interface for this activity
  • Effectively handles packing & shipping operations
  • Addresses custom crating, domestic and international freight forwarding, long haul, packing material trading etc.
  • Improves productivity and efficiency

Transportation (Javelin-TP)

Javelin-TP is designed to handle robust Transportation Planning, Transportation Procurement and Transportation Execution. It delivers the following functions:

  • Integrates and streamlines planning, execution and freight payment processes
  • Automates a single application to suite multiple modes of transportations
  • Helps users choose the best mode of transportation and suitable carrier towards fulfilling requirements
  • Manages supply-chain with intelligence
  • Determines the best combination of bids to minimize costs across transportation network
  • Optimizes the carrier bid process thus reducing procurement expense
  • Optimizes the carrier bid process thus reducing procurement expense
  • Generates carrier labels. load confirmation and other valuable documents such as airway bill, waybill and ASN etc.
  • Automates freight audits, freight payments, claims and estimates etc.
  • Monitors carrier performance
  • Improves customer service and asset utilization

Warehouse Management(Javelin-WHM)

Javelin-WHM is designed to improve customer service levels, control warehousing costs, manage turnaround time, drive efficiency and bolster up profits. It empowers the employees to manage all warehouse activities with improved efficiency.


Javelin’s RFID data collection system can

  • Employs RFID data collection system which can operate on all popular portable data terminals. The system has a number of uses in warehouse including RFID reading
  • Handles any type of warehouse/stock. Further, it can be tailored to suite your unique warehousing needs.
  • Employs Cycle Counting procedure to manage inventory. Cycle count imparts accuracy to inventory management and can be tailored to target items having higher movement.
  • Streamlines the flow of items between a customer and inventory. Further, it can handle intermediate locations and more than one warehouse.
  • Supports multiple units of measures for item tracking in the Inventory Management
  • Receives orders electronically thus avoiding printed document
  • Directs the picker to bring the outbound containers to the designated locations, once the pick list is finished
  • Automatically generates picking list for a given container
  • Employs popular Cross Docking strategy to improve both inventory speed as well as efficiency. Cross Docking quickly translates the inbound-loads into out-bound loads thus avoiding holding costs
  • Uses Flow-thru to deconsolidate all receipts based on retail store allocations
  • Employs Cubing space management system to accurately select storage location, facilitate order picking, repackage and plan shipment.
  • Uses Slotting and Optimization to ensure the item-placement across pick faces depending on user-definable criteria including product pick velocity, product family groups and the attributes of the product thus minimizing travel distances for a selection, reducing replenishments, balancing workloads on operators and increasing pick rates
  • Employs other strategies such as Kitting, Pallet Tracking and Replenishment etc., depending the changing situations
  • Uses Wave Picking to group the orders through an option user sets. Orders can be grouped by customer, zip code or route etc.,
  • Tracks the containers by placing the items into the designated container basing on item dimensions and by assigning packaging identifier to each container

Javelin HCM & Payroll (Javelin-HCM)

Javelin-HCM improves the generalized Payroll & Personnel activity in the Shipping & Logistics companies. Equipped with on-line help, this totally integrated package is menu-driven and easy to use.

Javelin-HCM is further divided into the following sub modules:

  • Payroll System
  • Time Sheet Module
  • Personnel System
  • Benefits Module

Payroll System

Javelin-HCM distinguishes employee groups and categorizes them into different payroll groups basing on organizational rules. In addition, it invokes different calculation-strategies depending on the type of employment: permanent salaried employee, hourly employee and contract employees etc., This modules brings coordination between payroll officers and the administrators in handling various issues including employ benefits, deductions in wages, different types of taxes, insurance claims and various allowances etc.,

  • maintains employee-wise, department wise history data
  • generates monthly payroll along with benefits
  • handles deductions and additional earnings
  • performs employee wise Drilling-In and Drilling-out analysis
  • manages various payment modes including cash, checks and drafts etc.,
  • invokes different payroll-calculations to different work groups within the organization
  • makes transactions and pay slips in multiple currencies-local or international
  • manages unlimited number of payroll-periods
  • works in coordination of other modules
  • stores and archives payroll information for future-needs
  • generates salary statements, leave reports, OT reports, yearly payroll-budgets department wise
  • provides information to Government agencies by generating various reports, as needed

Time Sheet Module

  • clearly defines working hours/days for different groups of the workforce
  • evaluates data transmitted through time-tools incorporated into the module
  • keeps track of entry time/exit time along with date
  • provides the personnel department with control over information related to employ-presence
  • helps payroll module while adding / deducting earnings depending on unallocated absence /overtime on hours, as the case may be
  • invokes corrective actions in case of unauthorized absence
  • interfaces with most of the data collection tools

Personal System

Javelin’s Personal System manages personal information such as name, place of birth, date of birth, nationality, education, marital status, language proficiency, references, professional work experience, basic salary, residential proof, driving license, passport, medical conditions, fitness and other personal information etc.,

  • manages comprehensive personal information about employee including references and contacts, dependents etc.,
  • tracks employ-related legal documents’ expiry
  • handles information related to the branch/department an employee is working in
  • maintains the list of the projects an employee involved in within the organization
  • manages information related to employee awards, achievements, promotions, disciplinary actions invoked

Benefits Module

  • deals with medical and insurance claims, as presented by the employee
  • maintains log on contributions or disbursements
  • reconciles payments with medical agencies and National Social Security Fund
  • manages health-records of employees and prevent dubious claims and frauds
  • maintains comprehensive statistical data accumulated from employee, employee-dependent and health care agencies

Javelin Financial Accounting (Javelin-FA)

Designed to meet generalized accounting tasks in Shipping & Logistics, Javelin-FA is equipped with on-line help and powered by rich familiar window-based interfaces. In addition, Javelin-FA is fully menu-driven and relatively easy to use which means less-learning curve for your staff.

Shipping & Logistics companies can extend the power, deeper insight and process control mechanism capabilities to their staff through integrated Javelin-FA package. With Javelin-FA, your employees will be more knowledgeable, more productive and more responsive.

Javelin-FA has 4 sub-modules:

General Ledger

The backbone of the General Ledger system is in its innovative design-structure, which provides enormous flexibility in setting up the Chart of Accounts. The Chart of Accounts is, in turn, bifurcated into Groups such as Fixed Assets, Current Assets and Banks etc., This is further divided into Actual Chart of Account (General Ledger). There is an ample flexibility to change grouping and regrouping at any time during the financial period. The system provides you with more detailed view of various locations, divisions and departments through Cost Center.

In addition, Javelin experts have developed a powerful and robust tool known as Accounts Explorer. Equipped with drilling-in & drilling-out facility among data sources, the Accounts Explorer tool provides the flexibility to browse through any of the accounts-data with relative ease.

Javelin ERP package ensures total flexibility in grouping of multiple Vouchers, making life easier for the accountant. Users are free to define their own Voucher Types and there is no restriction whatsoever on the number of vouchers the users opt for. For instance, users can choose different voucher type for Bank payment for different banks. Each voucher will have its own prefix along with a number-either auto generated or manual.

Still better, we have developed a full-proof security system which grants users user-rights on all vouchers. For instance, Chief Accountant or Finance Manager are entitled to utilize only Voucher Type ’04’ assigned for ‘Journal Voucher’. Nevertheless, administrators are required to alter changes in the settings. Thus each voucher can be controlled independently.

General Ledger Module supports a number of features including but are not limited to:

  • Month wise Yearly Budget Maintenance
  • General Ledger Enquiry (Detail / Summarized with drill-in)
  • General Ledger Detail Printout
  • Trial Balance
  • Standard MIS Reports with Budget (Schedules / PNL / Balance Sheet)
  • Trend Analysis (12 months performance)
  • User Defined MIS Reports
  • Cost Center wise MIS Reports
  • Voucher Printing (For all the vouchers)
  • Cheque Printing with Voucher on Pre-printed Cheque
  • Cash / Bank Book / Cash Flow / Fund Flow Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation

Sub-Ledger Module:

Javelin’s Sub-Ledger Module is designed to address certain key requisite of Shipping & Logistics industries. The system provides you with the flexibility to maintain unlimited sub-ledger facilities with each sub-ledger having a separate multiple control account in the General Ledger. Thus the system is not limited to sub-ledgers such as Accounts Receivables (Debtors) and Accounts Payables (Creditors) systems:

  • Sub-Ledger Master Maintenance / Listing
  • Sub-Ledger Transaction Online Matching (Partial / Full)
  • Sub-Ledger Transaction batch Matching / Un matching (Partial / Full)
  • Sub-Ledger Enquiry / Sub-Ledger Statement of Accounts
  • Sub-Ledger Ageing Statement of Accounts
  • Sub-Ledger Ageing Analysis Summary
  • Outstanding Invoice List (including PDC Details and Matching)
  • Sub-Ledger (Drs) Credit Limit Exception Report
  • Cost Center wise MIS Reports
  • Customer Collection Report (Bank / Date wise)

GIT Control Accounts:

  • Consignment Maintenance / Listing
  • Consignment Ledger Enquiry
  • GIT (Goods in transit) Statement of Accounts
  • GIT Expense Analysis
  • GIT Summary Report

Post Dated Cheques:

  • Post Dated Cheques Data Entry
  • Post-Dated Cheques Report (Receipt No. Wise)
  • Post Dated Cheques Listing (Cheque Date wise)
  • Post Dated Cheques Listing (Drs/Crs /Cheque Date wise)
  • Post Dated Cheques Enquiry
  • Statement of Accounts with PDC Details
  • Ageing Analysis with PDC Details

Javelin Fixed Assets Management (Javelin-FAM)

Javelin FAM package is aimed at managing the Fixed Assets in the Shipping & Logistics companies. Equipped with on-line help, this totally integrated package is menu-driven and easy to use.

Javelin-FAM is a powerful package that maintains comprehensive information related to all assets, properties and equipment and their respective locations within your business unit. With Javelin-FAM, information such as fixed assets-purchases, sales, transfers and cancellations can be efficiently managed.

Javelin FAM handles a number of tasks including:

  • maintains a comprehensive history of specific individual assets throughout their life-cycle including point-of purchasing, disposal and associated dates etc.,
  • manages costs in both formats-original and local currency compatibilities
  • delegates specific assets to an employee, if needed
  • handles disposals, transfers, warranty and maintenance contracts
  • tracks expenses incurred and maintains historical log on depreciations
  • handles payment-certificates issued to clients and those approved by sub-contractors
  • generates department wise fixed assets depreciation reports, category-wise fixed assets depreciation reports and department/category wise fixed assets summary reports
  • generates other reports to give detailed picture of project status in terms of budgeting, scheduling and forecasting etc.,

Job Estimation(Javelin-JEST)

Javelin-JEST meets or exceeds Project Estimation needs of Shipping & Logistics companies. Equipped with on-line help, this totally integrated package is menu-driven and easy to use.

Accurate estimating is one of the critical success factors. Javelin-JEST supports sophisticated features that will empower Shipping & Logistics companies to derive estimations with relatively high degree of precision. The system provides you with the enormous flexibility to enter, update or delete data into the tools integrated into Javelin-JEST.

In addition, Javelin-JEST provides you with the capability to generate quotations for the current BOM structures as well as for the items that are yet to be created.

Javelin-JEST supports a number of features including but are not limited to:

  • BOQ Master Maintenance / Listing
  • BOQ Data Entry/Check list /Printout/Posting
  • Linking BOQ to Multiple Quotation
  • MIS reports for BOQ
  • Updating of BOQ and quotation data to Job Costing Module
  • Monitoring of Actual Expenses Vs BOQ data.

Job Costing(Javelin-JCT)

Javelin-JCT will meet or exceed the project costing needs of Shipping & Logistics companies. Equipped with on-line help, this totally integrated package is menu-driven and easy to use.

Javelin-JCT is a highly advanced module that provides the tools essentially needed to manage simple and complex projects alike. By streamlining project planning and cost control processes, Javelin-JCT makes the estimating, tracking, costing and billing tasks relatively simple and manageable. Builders and contractors can determine potential issues as well as critical success factors with the help of the tools integrated into Javelin-JCT.

Javelin-JCT supports a number of features including but are not limited to:

  • Job Class Master Maintenance / Listing
  • Job Category Master Maintenance / Listing
  • Job Type Master Maintenance / Listing
  • Job wise Consumption of Stock
  • Job / Category wise Actual Expenses Data Entry / Posting (From GL)
  • Various Job wise MIS Reports (Inventory related)
  • Various Job wise MIS Reports (HRD related)
  • MIS report Estimate & Expense Analysis

MIS Report Estimate & Expense Analysis is totally generalized and can be used in combination of different key fields of the data such as Location, Customer, Job no., Job Class, Job category, Job type etc., Also you can print these reports in single or 2 different level or 3 level of grouping.

Key Benefits

  • Earmark employees, material, equipment, sub – contractors and other related items to the project
  • Derive complex estimates by entering inputs such as quantity, unit cost and billing-rate for each employee, item, sub-contractor and additional expenses allotted to the project
  • Assign the cost- categories to which they are applicable and make cost and revenue calculations for each cost category