Construction & Contracting

In order accomplish sustainable growth; Construction & Contracting companies must organize a complex set of resources, business partners, processes and regulatory requirements with improved efficiency. In today’s encroaching market competition, small and mid-sized construction companies are only responding to ever changing crisis and barely keeping up with growth. However, for prospective builders, there is a potential opportunity to translate their business into sustainable growth by adapting to small changes such as streamlining processes, controlling tasks and better managing costs.

A flexible, scalable, integrated and cost-effective Javelin ERP solution can empower your staff as well as your partners and can increase business agility for your potential growth.

With Javelin ERP, Construction & Contracting companies can:

  • Improve operational efficiency while lowering costs by streamlining processes
  • Empower their staff to bolster up productivity
  • Mitigate risk by providing access to latest and up-to-date information
  • Immensely satisfy their clients and become distinguished among others

Basing on the unique requirements of Construction & Contracting Companies, Javelin has built a best-of-the-breed scalable ERP product to streamline all the business processes, improve operational efficacy and bring collaboration across all the departments of a Construction & Contracting Company, thereby boosting productivity and sales.

Javelin’s ERP for Construction & Contracting companies comprises of 7 scalable modules:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • HR & Payroll
  • Project Estimation
  • Project Costing

Key Benefits

  • Earmark employees, material, equipment, sub – contractors and other related items to the project
  • Derive complex estimates by entering inputs such as quantity, unit cost and billing-rate for each employee, item, sub-contractor and additional expenses allotted to the project
  • Assign the cost- categories to which they are applicable and make cost and revenue calculations for each cost category