RFID Solutions for Vehicle Tracking

Radio frequency identification (RFID) applications for traffic management are becoming progressively prevailing as the worldwide vehicle population is growing at a rapid pace. National or local governments are being deluged with the vehicle data and security responsibilities. Javelin has formulated a distinctive set of reliable, affordable and well secured RFID solutions for vehicles to suit the requirements of governments as well as corporate fleets. Javelin has the capability to revolutionize the way vehicles are identified and tracked through radio frequency identification technology. We provide RFID devices and the connected software so you can then view the position and location of mobile resources from anywhere over the internet.

Javelin RFID solutions for vehicles incorporate sound security tags that are individualized for the customer. The tags include particular vehicle information, and are embedded with private data through various systems that include biometrics.

Javelin tag readers employ operating systems and multiple standard interfaces that ensure integration of peripheral technology including GPS, mobile phone, wireless technologies, CC cameras, floor sensors and access gates etc.

Javelin offers three types of RFID tags:

Active RFID tags which include a battery and can transmit signals without external control. Active tags have more memory and can be read at greater ranges.

Passive RFID tags which do not have battery and need an external source to elicit the signal transmission. A passive tag is activated by the radio frequency scanner of the reader.

Battery assisted passive (BAP) which require an external source to provoke but have considerable superior forward link capacity providing great read range.

We focus on

  • Solutions for border crossing
  • Customs and immigration for all types of vehicles
  • Vehicle registration and tracking
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Constant contact with every vehicle within the network
  • Robust and secure means of unique vehicle identification
  • Simple integration into existing vehicle management systems
  • Superior vehicle security management
  • Locate mobile resources quickly