With the advent of Internet, the global market has virtually shrunk down to the size of a personal computer. Businesses all over the world are going global via Internet. Javelin provides ecommerce software that enables businesses to sell products or services online. It includes a combination of website development, shopping cart functionality, payment and order processing with inventory management. Markets are rapidly expanding into new jurisdictions breaking the continental barriers. Companies are vying with one another to attain global online-presence. Standing tall among scores of potential competitors is always going to be challenging. You need to devise improved marketing strategies leveraging advanced technology.

Javelin, widely regarded as the most penetrating force in the arena of e-commerce, will deliver unparalleled business value to its global customers through a blend of process-excellence, unique proven methodology, world-class delivery model, decades of accumulated cross-domain experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our innovative solutions are aimed for dynamic business environment where competitive business strategies and technological innovations coincide.

With Javelin’s robust and highly scalable solution-suite, global businesses of all verticals and sizes can distinguish themselves in the commoditized market by multiplying sales and improving customer base dramatically.

Javelin provides visually appealing, graphically rich and aesthetically pleasing interfaces for your online-trade. Our business-logic captures your unique business requisite and creates a secure, comprehensive and customizable electronic-product storefront where your distributors, retails and consumers could browse through the catalog, view inventory, track product status and order items any time and from anywhere.

In addition, our solutions are powered by rich interactive features such as live chat, interactive catalogs and three-dimensional (3-D) maneuverings that give your customers more personalized experience like visiting a physical store. Besides, Javelin’s content management tools will ease burden on your staff and provide more autonomy to make lucrative decisions.

Salient Features

Javelin E-commerce solutions are:

  • robust, scalable and extensible catering for your strategic business objectives
  • built on best-of-the-breed technologies using state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • powered by rich user interfaces and sophisticated content-management tools
  • rich in interactive features such as live chat, interactive catalogs and three-dimensional (3-D) maneuverings
  • poised to provide far more than personalized web-shopping experience to your online customers
  • highly security-enabled
  • immensely results-driven
  • more cost-effective

Key Benefits

With Javelin innovative solutions you can:

  • fight off the fierce market-competition and stay ahead of your business rivals
  • stand out amidst scores of potential vendors offering similar products under different labels
  • attain unlimited global market-presence maximizing the use of our scalable applications
  • penetrate your brand far deeper into the global markets
  • provide more personalized experience to your online customers through our Rich Interface Applications(RIA)
  • transform the web traffic into potential buyers and start receiving sales orders globally
  • cut back operational costs