Time & Attendence System

Companies need to record and track the time and attendance of their employees. With the old mechanical punch clock or hand-written time sheets or even the outdated and awkward excel sheet, you cannot record the exact attendance time of the employees. Therefore, the time and work ratio will not be maintained properly. This will ultimately affect the payroll and the productivity of the company. The ever changing technology has brought many changes in the time and attendance system too. You need not take strain tallying time and attendance information taken from the old and outdated systems.

Javelin provides an accurate time and attendance system that minimizes your valuable time you spend on recording time and attendance, back tracking and chasing up the information. Our solutions get you out of the difficult situation and put you on the simple track, therefore you can track the accurate time and attendance of the employees, calculate overtime too. They can output simple and easy to read reports that can be passed onto your payroll department which in turn save your hours of time.

We streamline workflow all through the organization and handle all the employee activities, including time and attendance, task management, access control and absence balances.

Key benefits

  • Easy time tracking
  • Ensure accurate and timely time sheets
  • Easy integration with existing payroll systems

Javelin already installed time and attendance systems in a variety of industries such as:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public Sectors
  • Airports checkpoints
  • Manufacturing units
  • Higher Education centers
  • Entertainment and sports venues