J-suite® HR & Payroll

In order to compete globally and accomplish sustainable growth, companies need to utilize their corporate resources including employees to their potential. This objective can be realized only by transforming the existing traditional HR processes into Human Capital Management (HCM) as well as maximizing their potential use. You need to consider realigning your strategies, business processes and staff etc, with your organizational goals. That’s where J-suite® HCM & Payroll ERP assumes significance.

Javelin is a leading HCM & Payroll ERP solution provider for mid-sized and large companies spanning across the globe. We offer a comprehensive and integrated ERP solution suite that delivers unparalleled global competency to the diverse-business segments.

Understanding that employees are the critical success factor for the organization, Javelin's ERP HCM offers enterprise-centric tools that are essentially needed to manage your major asset i.e., human resources. Besides equipping HR professionals, managers and executives with the capability to hire intelligent people, our enterprise solutions help the organizations nurture people and impart high-quality skills into the organization.

Javelin ERP solutions optimize all aspects and dimensions relating to employees including:

  • Recruitment of employees
  • Employee Talent Management
  • Employee Administration
  • Corporate Organizational Management
  • Learning Management
  • Global Employee Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • HCM Processes and Forms

With Javelin's J-suite® HCM & Payroll ERP, your Human Resource department can remain focused only on projects that are more value-added, leaving administrative tasks to your employees. Our streamlined processes will enable your employees to manage their personal data apart from handling administrative routines.

Key Benefits

Javelin's J-suite® HCM & Payroll ERP:

  • Streamlines all HCM processes of your business
  • Tightly integrates business processes across your business operations
  • Enables you to gain access to real-time data thereby improving decision-making
  • Inspires you to earmark right people for right work at right time
  • Coordinates communication among executives, human resources (HR) professionals, and line managers throughout the employ-life-cycle
  • Promotes collaboration throughout the organization
  • Drives down overall costs, risks and time

By automating key HR processes including employee administration, payroll and legal reporting etc., Javelin ERP improves organizational efficiency.

Javelin's J-suite® ERP solutions integrate well with your existing applications or can be customized to meet your unique business objectives. In addition, our solutions adhere to changing regulatory global compliance and best practices.

Javelin HCM & Payroll Functional Capabilities

Javelin-HCM improves the generalized Payroll & Personnel activity in the mid-sized and large companies of diverse businesses including Construction & Contracting, Real Estate, Transportation, Shipping, Food-Service markets and Government agencies etc.