Real Estate

The Real Estate sector is the fastest growing business in the world. Demographic change and career flexibility have started changing the attitudes of the people towards properties. The landlords’ market is fast translating into tenants’ market. Added to this, globalization is exerting enormous pressure on the industry. As a result, there are a number of mergers and acquisitions all over the world. Sales are being conducted globally. In view of this trend, realtors must manage property assets and lands transparently and comprehensively.

Javelin is the global leader in providing comprehensive and integrated solutions for the Real Estate industry. With Javelin ERP, Real Estate companies can gain real-time visible benefits and can meet or exceed diversity of requirements.


  • Manage realty with efficiency and improve operational efficiency
  • Shorten vacancy periods for the properties and gain higher income
  • Control finances with improved efficiency
  • Integrate the processes for profitable decision-making

Rental Brokerage (Javelin-RB)

Rental Brokerage is a type of real estate business activity wherein a company will act as a broker between a landlord and a tenant and make money through commissions from either the landlords or the tenants. Commission rate depends on the tenancy contract amount. The company must gather information regarding the properties available for renting and find out a tenant to rent these properties. Tenants will pay the rent directly to the owner and so it is involved in no risk of tracking or collecting the installments. Javelin-RB is designed essentially to encapsulate these functionalities.