Restaurant Management Software Solutions

Running a restaurant in the face of fierce competition is not as easy as it seems. It is unequivocally involved in a number of complex processes that are highly critical to the success of your business. Food-service markets including hotels, casinos, resorts and condominiums must efficiently manage a variety of food-products, plan & design various menus, delegate work to labor, handle work-schedules, make payments to the people and care for customers.

We at Javelin developed a comprehensive and best-of-the-breed restaurant management system through a blend of proven processes. It encompasses all aspects of restaurant including tracking orders, purchasing, inventory management, labor management, delivery and billing etc. Our solutions will empower you to efficiently streamline your business processes, automate your day-to-day tasks, and swiftly respond to challenges regardless of the changing situations, thus improving customer experience and maximizing revenues. Still better, our tools are functional, stable, graphically rich and highly intuitive in terms of ease-of-use.

With Javelin restaurant management system, you can gain deeper insight into your business and improve customer satisfaction. Apart from POS, Javelin restaurant management system is having optional modules like payroll and hand held devices to take the orders.

Key benefits

  • Streamline all the business processes
  • Provide discounts dynamically
  • Handle waste management with relative ease
  • Track orders including those received via telephone with an inbuilt CRM and cancel the orders, if needed
  • andle chain of restaurants efficiently