Whole Sale & Retail Trading

Trading is involved in complex set of business processes. Running it in the face of fierce market competition is always going to be challenging. The key challenge would be to reduce inventory investments, lower labor wages and drive down operational costs while still maintaining good in-stock positions. To remain competitive and to dynamically improve your market strategy, you need to align your business strategy with information technology.

Javelin is the global leader in the arena of integrated Enterprise Solutions. We provide solutions to dynamic business environment through a blend of excellent processes, world-class delivery model and best-in-class people. Our solutions are designed to tailor for your unique business needs.

With Javelin ERP, Trading industries can efficiently handle all business processes including Finances, Procurement, Inventory and Human Capital Management & Payroll etc.

With our result-driven ERP solutions, Trading industries can:

  • streamline the complex business processes
  • optimize inventory level
  • delve deep into the product and its overall performance in the market
  • align business strategy with the ever changing customer needs and react quickly to market shifts
  • manage complex business processes including couponing
  • derive competitive pricing models
  • track customer queries and meet the overwhelming orders and returns swiftly via multi channel network
  • keep track of inventories and check for the availability of the product in demand
  • assess and improve customer interactions
  • reduce operational costs while expanding to multiple channels

Basing on the unique requirements of Trading companies, Javelin has built a best-of-the-breed scalable ERP product to streamline all the business processes, improve operational efficacy and bring collaboration across all the departments, thereby boosting productivity and sales.